Speaking & Special Projects


I speak on The Creative Process. Using my approach to illustrating books as a model I share images, live drawings and bits of silliness to inspire groups (most often, but not exclusively, elementary kids) to unlock their creativity in both methodical and spontaneous ways. Talks are between 35 and 45 minutes for younger kids and up to an hour for older kids and adults.

Here’s a mini version of my creativity talk.

Here’s a TEDx talk I gave on creative play.

I Speak on Faith and Art.

I speak for school chapels, Sunday School classes, youth retreats and different parts of worship services. I love to talk about how God made each of us creative, how creative disciplines line up with spiritual disciplines, and how art can communicate faith messages. I also like to simply model how art can be used in worship.

Here are some kind people talking about work I’ve done in their churches:


I love painting murals — the bigger the better. Whether it is in your home, institution or business, I’m game.

I often do these projects collaboratively. The process of working with me on a mural project looks like this:

  1. I will work with your institution on your theme.
  2. We will schedule a solid week or two during which we will:
    • Hold assemblies to talk to all of the children/people involved about the art process.
    • Have the participants draw and brainstorm ideas to contribute to the process.
    • Rotate all of the participants through in small group to add to the mural (this often takes the form of flowers and bugs etc.).
    • Draw on inspiration from the participants’ suggestions, and pull the painting together.

Special Projects

Similar to the mural process, I love to come into group settings — schools, churches, non-profit groups, businesses etc. — and work collaboratively to make a piece of artwork. I will engage in a theme or topic of emphasis for a group and then provide ways for everyone to create a piece of the puzzle. This often takes the form of creating organic shapes that I can incorporate into a collage that then gets painted back into.

Pricing for this has everything to do with time, materials and end product so it can vary greatly. We’ll just need to talk about your situation.


Hope Reformed Church, collaboration mural.                                 

Camp Geneva, collaboration mural.