Joel Schoon Tanis is a best friend to families who want to have a daily dose of natural imagination.

My Art Is…

I strive to view the world through a child-like lens — full of color, whimsy and honesty. To accomplish this, I often juxtapose kid-like drawings with “realistic” paintings while occasionally adding a few written lines of “kid thought”. I try to paint loosely and full of energy.I won’t say much more - I think if you need to explain art too much it’s like explaining why a joke is funny. You might “get” the joke, but it won’t make you smile. I hope these paintings do make you smile.

Take a Look

My work can be found in children’s hospitals, schools, churches and many private collections. Here is a sampling of past, current and available work.

Yes, I Do Commissions

I often paint for families, churches and children’s hospitals. Sometimes I work directly with a child to create a piece of art.

The process of working with me on a commission piece looks like this:

  1. I will ask you a series of questions that include, medium, size, style (“kid-like” or “serious”) and theme. This can happen on the phone, in person or through email.
  2. I will write out a description of the piece, and when applicable provide at least two phrases when text is being incorporated in the painting (the whimsical kid-like bits).
  3. I will edit when needed, and then after final approval of the concept will paint! It’s as easy as that.

Gallery Representation

Armstrong DeGraaf International Fine Art
403 Water St, Saugatuck, MI 49453

Armstrong DeGraaf has an impressive collection of artists from all around the world (hence the “International” bit).  If you want to find challenging but accessible and beautiful work, head over there.  They will be happy to sell you a Joel Schoon Tanis original too!

Centennial Park Studios
17 West 10th street suite 130
Holland, MI 49423

Want to see artists at work?  Park Studios is my very cool shared work space with artist Barry Elz and architect Amy Hagood (link below to see a sample of their amazing work).  We also have nice gallery space where you can see our art, or pick up a book or print, or a juice box perhaps (they are in the fridge).  Feel free to stop by if you're in Holland.