While much of my career has been creating "fine art"., I have a special place in my heart for picture books. There is something special about helping tell a story for kids or in collecting a series of paintings into an art book. 

Some of the books are out of print, so if you want them you'll need to search the interwebs. For the rest, you can find them in my store.

I Love Making Books

Here are some examples of books that I have illustrated over the years. The bad news: a couple of these are out of print. The good news: three of these are new, and three more in production! Stay tuned for release dates and go to the store to check out ones available! 

40: The Biblical Story, and A, B, See? are available from the store. As Real as it Gets is available directly from West Olive Press, or on Amazon.

Please, Come on Over!

Come on Over!

I helped create this show called Come On Over!   COO! models creative play for kids and families. It won a bunch of regional Emmy Awards and has a host of cool guest stars. I hope you’ll check them out.

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Speaking to/with/for Kids

I love talking to groups of kids — schools, churches, anywhere really!

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Speaking with Kids

Head on over to Speaking and Special Projects.

Joel is an artist who connects with the students in such a way they ask “When is Joel coming back?”

Connie Graham,
Art Teacher, Wausau, WI